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FoBS (Friends of Bervie School)

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Friends of Bervie School or ‘FoBS’ is a Sub committee of the BSA that raise funds for the school by organising various fundraising events throughout the year.
Along with raising funds for the school and organising events, FoBS also runs Snack Attack 2 mornings a week, which offers children a healthy and nutritious snack during the morning break.

With increasing financial cuts and budget constraints the role of FoBS is becoming even more important, however in order for FoBS and Snack Attack to continue we need help and support from the parents of children at Bervie Primary.

Current Committee:

Chairperson – Elaine Mitchell
Vice Chairperson – Anna Nicol
Secretary – Elaine Forsyth
Treasurer – Danielle Stewart
Snack Attack – Faye Colquhoun