P3-4 heading

We have lots of cool learning planned for the term.

We will continue with work both P3 and P4 began last year, and the children although in a composite class, will work within their own level. Initially, we will be studying Scotland. We also plan to prepare and cook some Scottish food to taste with the other P3s and P4s in Scottish week. We will also be supporting the local project, led by Dave Ramsay, which aims to create a Cutty Sark Museum.  Our class has been asked to focus on creating a ‘Treasure Trail’ around Inverbervie.

Once Scottish week has finished, we will introduce our main topic entitled ‘Grand Designs’.  We will look at famous architects and their designs before using elements of what we have learned to design and create our own buildings.  We will also look at conservation of materials and resources and electrical circuits.

Homework is handed out on Monday and should be completed and handed in on Friday.  More detail can be found in the class newsletter, which can be accessed from the School News tab on the Home page.